About Kelly

I am Jad Abumrad’s biggest fan. I have a favorite moss store, and can speak eloquently about what differentiates various types of glitter. I gobble up cognitive science books. I read the New York Times almost every Thursday and Sunday with my wife. I’m addicted to dumpster diving, and half of the furniture in my house was found on the side of the road. I go to the gym to watch Bravo, and I can run forever if Tabatha is on. I may or may not have seven pets including rabbits, cats, and dog.

I want us to click because on your wedding day, I’m going to be with you allllllll day. If you book my photobooth, I will demand a shot with you (I’ll be the one wearing the rainbow feather boa or glittery huge glasses).

Because of my training in art school and my weird, hyper-visual brain, I see the world in terms of the image I can create. So when I’m shooting a wedding and I see the image in my mind, I will do whatever it takes to GET THAT SHOT.  My clients sometimes laugh at me because we’ll be walking down the street during an engagement shoot and I’ll be like, “THERE. RIGHT THERE. NOW.”

The reason I started in this industry was because I had something to say. Namely, “Where are the f***ing gay people? The people of color? Where are the rip-your-heart-out-emotionally-gorgeous weddings minus the trendy hipster-gear?”  I love people choosing to commit publicly to each other. Each wedding I shoot, whether you’re 20 or 50, gay or straight, black, white or anything else, I strive to tell the story of what your wedding is about: love, community, and commitment.

I’m based out of New Haven, CT but shoot everywhere.

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Image by Emilia Jane Photography