Connecticut & NYC Gay Wedding Photographer

“Ithaca is gorges” was printed on many of the tidbits for the wedding that were strewn around the hotel room. Ana and Beth love Ithaca and planned their wedding in the stalls of the very active farmers market by the water. That morning was slow, like getting up and ready for a Sunday brunch. Because they got ready together, everything was together which = much less stress. Ana zipped up Beth’s sequined gown and clapped her hands when Beth turned around. Ana jumped up and Beth couldn’t help but break into a giant grin.

Ceremonies are the official act you need to get married. It’s about these two loving people. But Ana and Beth looked out to their family and friends almost as much as they looked at each other. Their community was all there. And even as they looked out, they almost never stopped holding hands. Beth and Ana were used to being “in it” together. They looked around easily to help the other, make things fun and easier for both.

One of my favorite photos of them is during the ceremony when Beth brushed Ana’s hair back from her face while she was giving her vows. It’s something as a couple I’m sure Beth does all the time and that’s why I love it. Small gestures of love. Of wanting to hold and touch the other. Not the big grand gesture but the small, almost automatic things we do for a lifetime of love.

DOC/Planner: One of a Kind Events // Florist: Plenty of Posies // Caterer: Ithaca Bakery // Music: Evil City String Band // Dresses: Nordstrom and David’s Bridal
Alterations: Hage Tailor Shop // Headband: Etsy // Necklace: Ann Taylor // Invitations: SnailMail Designs // Glass Bottles: Luna Bazaar and One Kings Lane

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And Ana and Beth jumped into the photobooth with Natalie and I!dressing up silly brides kelly prizel

“Go in with a good attitude and don’t worry about what you look like in the shots. Let Kelly direct you and don’t second guess her. She can see what you look like. You can’t. You’re paying her for her eye, so let her use it.”- Michael and Trevor

I know there is a lot of “I’m a CAT person” or “I’m a DOG person” but as the furry mom to 3 rabbits, 2 cats and a dog, I vote for all of them. So I love getting to shoot couples who bring not just themselves but their furry family too. So Duncan, the adorable cocker spaniel, got to briefly meet my dog Finch as I plopped down on their blanket that was already stalking out a perfect shooting location next to the lake in Central Park. With it being so hot, we didn’t want to have to run around everywhere, so we ended up going only a few yards and still got all these great Central Park summer shots. The arch of the trees was perfect on the Central Park mall, and just the right amount of sunlight shone through the branches.

gay Connecticut gay wedding photographer “At our wedding we didn’t have a great shot with our dog, Duncan, so for this shoot we wanted to make sure we got good shots with him. We knew he was photogenic, but we were surprised at how well he did with the shoot and didn’t get distracted. I don’t know how many shots Kelly had to go through to get the fantastic ones she sent to us, but we were floored by how good he looked. He was truly a part of the shoot and not just a prop.”

gay guys riding on carousel in central park gay guys holding their bike with a dog in the basket bandshell engagement central park with dog same sex central park engagment with dog

“I LOVE the picture of us with Duncan in the bike basket. The light was beautiful under the trees and Duncan looks super cute peeping out of the basket.”same sex couple kissing on central park benches engaged couple opening wine in central park for engagement gay guys holding each other for engagement shoot

What is something that you would do differently knowing what you know now?
Kelly initially wanted to do a sunrise shoot, but we are lazy and didn’t want to get up that early. After doing a hot, sweaty, August afternoon shoot, I think we should have taken her initial suggestion.

My venue was _____________ and it was the perfect place for:
The area near Bethesda fountain in Central Park and a few other nearby spots. It’s perfect for a multi-location look without having to trek around too far. Each area had a different look and they were mere steps apart.

So I kinda lied. In a post I did about finding a lump in my breast I talked about how important it was to not let fear paralyze you. Reach out. Get help. But since then, I totally backtracked and let it consume me.

When I found the lump in my breast and was told it was cyst, I felt so relieved I didn’t really ask questions. I didn’t have cancer. Who the hell cares about anything else?? Being alone at that appointment, I didn’t have a family member who should have pressed the doctor further because what they did tell me is that I have “innumerable” cysts. I didn’t ask what that meant or if that was cause for concern. I frankly didn’t ask anything.

The lump went away quickly and I thought that was it. But several months later, I found another lump. That stomach dropping fear settled back into me. How could I tell if this was a lump I should be worried about or just another one of my billion cysts in my boobs? I lucky was going in for a GYN exam and asked her. But I didn’t get any real advice or answers. I was told I would find lumps time to time and that I should call if I was concerned.

But, um, what should I be concerned about? How can I tell that lump is shady and that lump is just a-ok? I kept trying to get some concrete steps from my doctor but I didn’t get any. I let it drop.

During this time, my grandmother passed away from breast cancer that had spread. I happened to find some papers of hers talking about her medical history and spotted something. “Age 30 Cyst Removal”. It seemed like an ominous forewarning of her battle with cancer. She was MY age. She happened to also have cysts in her breasts, one of which grew large enough to cause issues. It wasn’t cancer, but to me it screamed out, “See, this is how it starts!”

After I read that, I stopped doing breast self-exams. I didn’t tell anyone but I suddenly became terrified of my breasts. I hated them. I was afraid to find something. I was doing *exactly* what I said I should never ever do! And right now? I’m still too afraid to do a self-exam. I’m writing this because I need to make the next step to understand what it is I should be doing. And sharing this makes me accountable.

So, I’m telling YOU guys I’m going to call my doctor and just tell her all this. Tell her I’m lacking information and it really scares me.