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It was a Skype date made in heaven. When Allie and Alex logged on from London to chat with my about their upcoming elopement in NYC, we instantly clicked. Allie and Alex are such warm, lovely, fun people, I couldn’t wait to meet them in person. After a coast-to-coast tour of the US, Alex and Allie landed in NYC. On a gorgeous day (one day before my 5th wedding anniversary), I headed down to the Jane Hotel in the West Village. The Jane is insane: the hotel was restored to its 1908 grandeur, and the staff even dress like turn-of-the-century bellhops. If wallpaper-gasm isn’t a word, it should be. Grinning against a peacock background, Allie was a stunner. And Alex was one of the sharpest grooms I’d ever seen. The day was intimate, spur-of-the-moment, and super casual. Case in point: No, Allie didn’t get a pedicure, but decided to paint her own toenails a few minutes before slipping into her short, sweet, flirty dress. They’d already made their way across the country, so why rush now? We slipped into a cafe before heading to the ceremony. As if a radio DJ from the sky was spinning just for us, “Going to the Chapel” came on. And even though we needed to head out, we took a moment to let the song play out and giggle. Both Alex and Allie are expert gigglers.

Alex and Allie had decided to get married in NYC for lots of reasons, but a big one was Central Park. But Allie and Alex didn’t cross the pond alone. In the spirit of spontaneity, they brought a dear friend as their witness–only she didn’t know she was witnessing a wedding till a couple days before. So the four of us piled into a cab and headed over to Wagner’s Cove to meet the fantastic Judie Guild. Wagner’s Cove is fantastic because even when the Park is slammed with tourists and New Yorkers enjoying the gorgeous weather, it’s a secluded little spot that you can make your own for an elopement. Allie and Alex exchanged rings (a ruby ring!) overlooking the Lake. The San Remo and Bethesda Fountain gave us that classic you-know-you’re-in-New-York feel.

There’s nothing quite like ending your day with in Chelsea with cobblestone, luscious light, and oh yeah, a retro cab just happening to pull up behind you. After some wicked dance moves, a lot of snuggling, laughter, and great hair, we finally called it an evening, and I sent Alex and Allie off to enjoy dinner and the rest of their wedding day. We made plans to meet again in London sometime this year: Natalie has a research trip plan, and I’m dying to introduce them to her and spend some more time. And then I headed home to celebrate my anniversary (erev anniversary, as I Jewishly think about it).

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Time just flew by since DOMA and I realized I never published my 2008 & 2009 blog part of the series! I just wanted to look back and celebrate how many wonderful couples I have been able to connect with and how much these change in the law will impact real people. People who laughed when I told them to squeeze their now wife longer. Or who got to leave their Quaker ceremony with friends and family throwing marshmallows, mini chocolates and mini s’mores at them. Or the very very very first couple who I shot who I have never been able to share their photo until now because one of them worked for a Catholic charity. She worried she would loose her job if someone stumbled upon their pictures. But I keep up with them and asked meekly if I could share one picture- especially with all the wonderful news and love of their new baby. And I got a yes!

Which made me feel even more pumped to blog. I remember being so sad I couldn’t share their wedding- I was just starting. I wanted people to see themselves on wedding photographers blogs because I certainty wasn’t seeing myself. But from blogging my own wedding blog (which you can still read my 23 year old self planning her wedding) I suddenly was blessed to have many LGBT couples asking me to shoot their wedding. So 2008 is when this whole crazy thing started. I’m still savoring all the legal victories we have been having since DOMA and wanting to push that much harder.

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Adi and Matt got married at one of the classic Connecticut parks: the stunning Harkness State Park, overlooking the water and steps away from the Eolia Mansion. State Parks like Harkness, or closer to New Haven, Lighthouse Point, are amazing hidden gems that are particularly great if you’re on a budget and are able to book in advance. Adi grew up just down the road from Harkness, so she knew that it would be the perfect place for a small, family-oriented wedding. The couple was visited by a few of the awesome residents of Harkness: frogs and rabbits made their appearances at the couple’s nuptials.
I absolutely adore intimate weddings that are focused around the couple getting married, without all the frills. But one part of wedding finery that I love is the veil, and Adi had an epic veil. There is just so much a photographer can do creatively with the translucent fabric, and you’ll see below, I had plenty of fun with Adi’s. She was pure vintage elegance in her lace dress and veil, as were the attendants on both sides. But the couple wasn’t overly vintage: Matt and Adi read their personalized vows from their iPhones!
After the gorgeous light had faded from the beach, Matt and Adi shared some dancing and Indian food under the stars with their friends and families. And perhaps a few crumbs with the rabbits as well.

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