Connecticut & NYC Gay Wedding Photographer

There’s something about a NYC black tie wedding that just says classic. The city somehow lends itself to the glitter and glam, with Kelly turning on the vintage bridal look with her liquid eyeliner and red lipstick. Old photos and memorabilia line the walls at the Yale Club. New Haven 1912. Trophies from 1945. The walls are literally covered with only inches between the frames. Living in New Haven, I loved seeing my city and how it looked 100 years ago. Doing a Yale Club wedding was way more special since I got a peek at dozens of photos of New Haven from way back when. How many places can you go and look at your city’s history framed and ready to enjoy?

As Kelly and Nick’s closest family and friends stood up to give speeches, the grand ballroom seemed to get smaller. All of Kelly and Nick’s family had been sat with them at a large, round table. So as one chair emptied for the person giving the toast, the others listened and laughed. Glasses clinked with cheers and good wishes. And the room became large again with a live band and plenty of dancing. Not todays pop songs, but classic songs that had every generation up on the dance floor. The warmth of the live singing called everyone to get up and dance. This was the time to enjoy a good song with your partner.

This was the wedding where even couple’s with anniversaries going 30,40, 50+ years got up to enjoy themselves. They were dressed up. They were surrounded by loved ones. They were celebrating Kelly and Nick. And the newly married couple made sure everyone felt welcome and loved. All the small things and all the large things.

Florist: Stefan Event Decor // Caterer: Yale Club // Dress Shop: Kleinfeld’s // Dress Designer: Alita Graham // Veil: Bridal Veil Falls // Second Shooter: Lindsay Taryn

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“Engage your core!!!” I was sweating, miserable, and definitely done with the workout. It seemed even more unfair that I was holding a wall sit for 45 seconds because my cat was watching me from my yoga mat. And Stacey was watching her iphone timer. 10 seconds left. I hated her. I hated this wall. I hated this stupid stupid stupid workout. “Done.”

Stacey had been kicking my butt for 2 years as my personal trainer. And when she got engaged, she hired me as her wedding photographer.
So guess what I yelled at her every time she slouched? “Engage your core!!” Which is easy for her, since, she’s got a billion muscles. And a billion multi-colored sneakers to go with her to the gym or her wedding. Either way.

Now sometimes you really can’t see where I’m going with something on a shoot. Like, why is Kelly having me run 1/4 a mile away from my venue? Why are we running because the light is perfect? Won’t it stay perfect even if we walk? But I knew Stacey and Megan. They trusted me. So when I said run, they ran. When I said let’s cross this weird gravel road because the light is epic in this random field in Connecticut? They did it. Amber, my second shooter, had her eyes bugging out from the light. The videographer was giving me high fives. I was dancing in the field as we were getting their couple shots. I mean, this was light I dream of in weird photographer dreams.

And we were able to get it because the vendors and the couple trusted me to lead them on this weird journey. Stacey was always like, “You’re the expert, do what you think is right.” And it made me feel so loved. Yes, loved. My trainer, turned really good friend, was being her. She was enjoying her wedding day and getting married to her wife and letting the vendors do their job. Cause she wanted to concentrate on her wife’s amazing dress (I always want to hug brides with dresses that have straps…sooooo classic and pretty and not worn enough anymore) and her wife’s special handshake at the end of the ceremony that surprised everyone and had us all laughing. Not on making sure the centerpieces were within the inch diameter in her spreadsheets…she just let the wedding professionals do their jobs. That’s love to me.

So yes, the Connecticut barn wedding had fields of gold for these two brides to dance in. And, being them, joke around in.

Venue Coordinator: The Pavilion on Crystal Lake // Florist: Terri Krisavage Floral Designs // DJ/Band: Rob Alberti’s Event Services // Hair: Captiva Salon
Videographer: Max Valverde // Cake: JCakes // Second Shooter: Amber Marlow // Makeup: Candace Spinelli Gebbia // Dresses: David’s Bridal and Mariellas

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What 3rd grader didn’t want to make a life out of putting mentos in coke and watching soda explode everywhere? Anthony may had graduated past this experiment onto the Physics labs at Yale, but being a graduate student hasn’t dulled his love for the early, goofy experiments. And Ryan doesn’t mind being dragged into it either. I’m pretty sure Ryan was the one with the biggest smile as coke streamed all over the Wooster Square green. And we did attract a lot of attention with these science experiments- a bunch of kids insisted on stopping their parents to watch and giggle as they enjoyed the show.

And like any good science experiment, you need teamwork. These guys had NEVER made big bubbles before. So they started over and over again. Instead of snapping at each other about what each was doing wrong, they laughed, dunked the string in the bubble solution, and tried again. And again. How fast did they need to run backwards to get the bubble going? How high should they hold the stick? How much bubble solution should they soak into the string? They tried it all. And we got a handful of great bubbles. But we got one that just lasted. They were running backwards, trying not to trip on the crowds enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in New Haven, and trying to keep pace, trying to keep the bubble going as I’m screaming at them to keep going because I’m just in place for a fab shot. And we did it! High fives all around.

We smelt like just bathed in bubble solution. Anthony and Ryan’s hoodies were a mixture of solution and random cherry blossom petals. We talked geeky science stuff as we walked back to the car. And while we made sure to get some classic shots of them, they later told me that they just loved the science photos. A Wooster Square New Haven engagement. It was them.
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